Weekend Trip 2, Day 1: Serra Ibiapaba – Tiangua, CE

WHERE:  Tiangua, Ceara Brazil


PROXIMITY TO FORTALEZA:  5 – 7 hours by Bus. 5-ish hours by car.

DO THEY SPEAK ENGLISH:  Rarely! Have your Google Translation app ready!


  • BUS : Rodoviária ( Bus Station) de Fortaleza – João Thomé
  • Address – Av. Borges de Melo, 1630 – Fatima, Fortaleza – CE, 60415-510
  • Bus Company to use: GUANABARA
  • By car.


  • TAXI : Usually available when you arrive at the bus station


  • Booking.com has plenty of listings for Tiangua!
  • I stayed one town over in Ubajara, at a lovely place called POUSADA E MUSEU JK. This place is ideal for people who have cars or who have arranged transportation by taxi.


  • LAPA ECOTURISMO – I visited this place and fell in love with it immediately! It features 2 pools (one conventional and one natural one), short hiking trails to higher peaks and a cave, a restaurant, several spectacular lookout points, and hammocks to lounge in!
  • SITIO DO BOSCO – I have heard great things about this place, though I didn’t haves chance to visit. Check out the link to learn more!
  • RESTAURANTE CASA DE ENGENHO – This is a great themed restaurant that is usually open Thursdays – Sunday.  It features decorations typical of the people from the countryside, costumed waiters, a gift shop, live music, and great food! It’s a great place to visit to take a peak into the heart of cearense culture.
  • Ask the taxi driver (recommended only if you are not travelling alone and if you have someone with you who speaks Portuguese). I was able to visit several other places that only the locals know about because of the enthusiasm of our taxi driver. That said, always use common sense and be mindful of your safety.

WHAT I THINK: Tiangua is one of several cities nestled in Serra Ibiapaba, one of the mountain ranges in Ceara. I erroneously thought that I would be able to visit 2 cities per day. What I found was that each city requires at least 1 day to fully experience the attractions! I absolutely loved the look of this small city and spending the day lounging at the lookout, eating great food, hiking, and hanging out in the pools!





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