Street Food in the Lago Jacarey Neighborhood – Fortaleza, Brazil (VIDEO)



HOURS: Best times to visit: THURSDAY – SATURDAY 8PM – 2AM

PRICE: Food prices range from R$ 5 – R$ 25


  • Gives a taste of life away from the tourist areas
  • Full of traditional street dishes difficult to find in touristic areas
  • Live music into the night
  • Great environment for families, including those with young children
  • Features street vendor and a strip of brick and mortar restaurants
  • Nice walkway around the lake
  • Most places have outdoor seating
  • A great chance toget a fullr sense of the city of Fortaleza

DO THEY SPEAK ENGLISH? No. Be sure to have your translation app ready!

WHAT I THINK: This a great place to visit on nights between Thursday and Saturday. It is full of cute little brick and mortar restaurants full of local flair,as well as a wide variety of great and savory street food. The energy is very upbeat and familial, and It’s the kind of area that one just wants to hang out in for a night.


HOW TO GET THERE: I would recommend UBER  (aout 25 minutes away from the main tourist district of BeiraMar/ Praia de Iracema / Meireles/ Aldeota/ Varjota)

ADDRESS: LAGO JACAREY (this will pop up as your address in the Uber app)




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