Quixada, Ceara Brazil -Aliens, Monoliths, and Chickens, Oh My!

WHERE: Quixada, Ceara Brazil

PROXIMITY TO FORTALEZA:  2.5 – 3 hourse south of Fortaleza, via BR 116 // approximately 180 km south of Fortaleza, via BR 116


  • DRIVE  (MOVIDA CAR RENTAL AGENCY : *info as of January 2019)
    Avenida Monsenhor Tabosa – 1160 –
    Meireles – FORTALEZA – Ceará
    CEP: 60165068

    tel: 0800 6068686

    **APP Available – download Movida APP on Google play

  • BUS :  Rodoviária ( Bus Station) de Fortaleza – João Thomé
  • Address 762 telefone, Av. Borges de Melo, 1630 – Fatima, Fortaleza – CE, 60415-510


  • TAXI OR UBER (Just say “CEDRO VELHO – sedro velyo”  and they will know where to go! Have dinner at Pe de Serra Restaurant afterwards!



  • CEDRO VELHO:  Great way to spend the day checking out the old sugar cane factory and walking up the path  to enjoy the view, swim in the lake, and have a beer and lunch at the restaurants there, and take a stroll around the magnificent dam.
  • RESTAURANT: Restaurante Pé de Serra, Quixada      – Excellent regional food, gift shop, great view of the rocks and nature while you eat!


  • CEDRO DAM  and GALINHA CHOCA (Chicken Rock)
  • Natural Monoliths – The huge stones are gorgeous!
  • The place is said to be the home of alien landings and abductions! They even made a movie about it:
  • Great chance to visit a small town and experience the countryside

DO THEY SPEAK ENGLISH? Not typically. Keep that translator handy!

WHAT I THINK: Quixada, Ceara Brazil is about 180 km (2.5-3 hours) south of Fortaleza. It is easy to access by bus, car or taxi, and taxis are available once you arrive there. It has a population of about 80,000+ and the city is in the middle of some breathtaking natural stone monoliths. I REALLY enjoyed my time visiting the old sugar cane factory,  and Cedro Dam. They have a cute little restaurant just as you are approaching the dam, and there’s even a place to go for a dip in the lake if you’d like! I’d reccommend eating at the Pe de Serra Restaurant (rather than the one at Cedro Dam), as it will give you a chance to see another area. I think this is an excellent place to go for 1-2 days, just to get a taste of life in the countryside and experience a change of scenery in an area that is truy breathtaking! I REALLY enjoyed my time exploring this place for a couple of days and hanging out a bit with the locals! I will definitely visit again from time to time.



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