Cashew Museum / Museu Do Caju (video) – Caucaia (Fortaleza), Brazil


NEIGHBORHOOD (BAIRRO):  CAUCAIA (10 MIN outside of Fortaleza)

HOURS: Monday – Saturday: 0800 – 1600 (Groups of 4-20 people ONLY! Visit must also                      be pre-scheduled)

 SUNDAYS 0800-1600 : Open to the general public with typical regional food 

                 being served.

PRICE: Price varies depending on the group, but will always be inexpensive.


  • It’s in a municipality in the “Greater Fortaleza Area” and gives travelers a chance to see some of the older parts of the city.
  • Gift shop selling all types of things derived from and in honor of the cashew!
  • Opportunity to sample foods made from cashew fruit, such as cakes, soup, vegetarian cashew meat, and pate’.
  • Very old school, cearense music being played in the background.
  • Accomodates groups of 5 – 20 people as well (* be sure to call first)
  • CONTACT INFORMATION: (85)3237.2687/ (85) 9.8835.9915 / (85)9.8778.5354
  • **WHATSAPP: 85.9.8835.9915
  • **

DO THEY SPEAK ENGLISH? Not typically, but you probably won’t need it! Still, keep that translator handy!

WHAT I THINK: I absolutely fell in love with this place! I was already in shock when I found out that cashew nuts actually came from a whole fruit and was shocked at all that I learned about this magical little fruit while I was at the museum. It is definitely one of the world’s “superfoods” since it is so rich in iron, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and all the other “superfoody” vitamins and minerals. It was interesting to learn about how to cultivate it and the NUMEROUS recipes that exist concerning this fruit. I was absolutely charmed by the artisanal artwork, gift shop, and all the foods and alcohol I was able to try out. One can really get a sense of the past and what life might have been like 50 – 100 years ago by visiting this place. It’s about 10-15 minutes outside of Fortaleza itself, in a neighboring municipality called Caucaia.  It’s worth an Uber ride as it aslo gives travellers a chance to see some of the older, less developed and more “local” parts of the city.


HOW TO GET THERE: I would recommend UBER!

ADDRESS:  R. San Diego, 332 – Parque Guadalajara (Jurema), Caucaia – CE, 61650-390


  1. I knew there was a cashew museum in Fortaleza, but I’ve never been there. I tried the cashew meat and is very delicious as well as the sweets made of the cashew fruits. Great job on the video and pictures, Vonetta!!!

    The types of cashew nuts are called “kernels grades” and there are 33 kernels grades, but only 26 of them are commercially available and exported to other countries.

    Here is a webpage that shows how the grades are divided:

    And this webpage will show you how the kernels grades are graded:

    I hope you all enjoyed this information about this delicious nuts called Cashew Nuts!


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