Cemitério São João Batista/ São João Cemetary- Fortaleza, Brazil (video)

PLACE: Cemitério São João Batista /  São João Batista Cemetary



PRICE: FREE! (* You will need to stop by the ADMINISTRATION office at the entrance before you go into the cemetary)

DO THEY SPEAK ENGLISH? One lady at the administration office speaks a bit of English. Still, have your translation app on hand!

WHAT I THINK: I thought this cemetary was beautiful! The place was tidy, the energy was “light”, rather than “heavy”. It was nicely manicured and I felt safe there, since there were groundskeepers and guards there. My visit was very peaceful and I felt that I could really get a sense of the history of Fortaleza by visiting this place.


HOW TO GET THERE: Taxi or Uber. Taxis tend to be available in the area, but download the SINDITAXI PASSAGEIROS APP (google play), just in case you don’t see any on the streets.

ADDRESS Rua Padre Mororó, S/N – Centro, Fortaleza – CE, 60015-222


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  1. Very nice!!! I’ve never been there before, but now I have thanks to you Vonetta, rsrs. I had no idea that General Sampaio, Tristão Gonçalves, Barão de Studard among others, I suppose, were buried in this cemetery. Thanks girl for another great tour in Fortaleza!


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