Fortaleza Brazil Street Food: Acaraje

WHAT IT IS: Acaraje’ (pronounced ah-kah-rah-jeh)

WHERE TO GET IT: You can usually find acaraje’ on Praia Beira Mar, Dragao do Mar, Cidade 2000, or Lago Jacarey.  (Note: Most tourists stay at either Praia Beira Mar or Praia do Futuro. To go to places like Cidade 2000, Lago Jacarey or Dragao do Mar, it is best to go by Uber or by Taxi via the SINDI TAXI PASSAGEIROS app on Google Play).

** Where to find Adriana’s (the woman in the video) Acaraje:  Avenida José Jatahy, 1012, Monte Castelo, near Hyper Bom Preco)

PRICE: Prices usually range from R$ 10 – R$ 20

WORTH A TRY? Good god, YES!

Check out my video detailing my foray into acaraje’ with my friends Tom Jones and Adriana the Baiana :




  1. Acarajé is delicious, but I prefer “abará” which is a dish very similar to “acarajé”. The difference between them is due to the way of cooking because “abará” is steamed instead of fried like the “acarajé” is. Both “acarajé” and “abará” is very delicious!

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