BALBOA’S HOBBY GAMES in Fortaleza, Brazil



HOURS (as of September 2018):

  • Sunday 2–10PM
    Monday 2–9PM
    Tuesday 2–9PM
    Wednesday 2–9PM
    Thursday 2–9PM
    Friday 2–10PM
    Saturday 2–10PM

PRICE: R$ 15,00 to enter and play!

R$ 30,00 per hour for special room designated for Role Playing Games.


  • 620+ board games to choose from
  • English speaking owners who can help you to find a game and teach you how to play!
  • Convenient food truck outside the place. They also allo people to order from mobile apps and eat while playing.
  • Special room decorated and designated for Role Playing Games
  • Great location for going out after game play is over

DO THEY SPEAK ENGLISH? Yes! The owners speak English and will help you choose and learn how to play any of the 620+ board games in their selection!

WHAT I THINK: This place was awesome! Anyone who loves board games or is looking for something “different” to do, without spending tons of cash would love this place. The environment is in a safe and inviting location, and the owners obviously love what they do. My friends and I were able to go in and give them an idea of the kind of game we wanted to play, and the owner came out with a suggestion. He then explained how to play in English and in Portuguese, and we had a great night! We were also able to order some burgers from the food truck right outside the place, but they also had no problem with us ordering food from other places.


HOW TO GET THERE: Taxi or Uber. Taxis tend to be available in the area, but download the SINDITAXI PASSAGEIROS APP (google play), just in case you don’t see any on the streets.

ADDRESS: Rua República do Líbano, 669 – Meireles, Fortaleza – CE, 60160-140


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