PLACE: MERCADO DOS PINHOES (Pronounced: meh-KAH-doo / DOOS / ping-YOH-wees)



  • TUESDAYS: 0600 – 0100
  • FRIDAY – SATURDAY: 1600 – 2300 (**people usually stay in the area around the market well into the night!)
  • SUNDAY: 1800 – 2200

PRICE: Prices for restaurants surrounding the market vary, but are typically kept extremely accessible for the local population. In the same square as the market, there is a governmentally funded building full of food kiosks that serve typical Cearense food for R$ 10,00 per plate! The regional music from the actual market fills the whole area, so visitors will be able to enjoy the music as well!


  • Local bands that play regional music.
  • Food and seating both inside and outside the market itself.
  • A wide selection of inexpensive, but tasty regional foods.
  • A restaurant that also serves more expensive specialized foods.
  • Tons of beer to keep you busy the whole night!


  • MERCADO CULTURAL DOS PINHOES – Cool place with different kiosks set up with different regional foods. Price is R$ 10,00 per plate and the food is filling and quite good!
  • BUDEGA DOS PINHOES: Also a great place! Food selection is excellent and offers different types of regional foods. Prices are also great for the quality of food you get.

DO THEY SPEAK ENGLISH? : Vendors typically do not speak English, but you probably won’t really need it here.  Still, have that translator app on hand!

WHAT I THINK: I really enjoy coming to this place on the weekends. It is a great night out with friends, and is full of regional music, good food, beer, dancing, and a general sense of happiness. I would compare it to a block party that happens every weekend! I definitely think it would be a great experience for anyone wishing to move away from the more expensive areas made exclusively for tourists, and who want to have a more “native” experience!


HOW TO GET THERE: Taxi or Uber. Taxis tend to be available in the area, but download the SINDITAXI PASSAGEIROS APP, just in case you don’t see any on the streets.

ADDRESS Praça Pelotas, s/n – Centro, Fortaleza – CE, 60110-140

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